Windows Theme over Ubuntu

Wubuntu also known as “Windows Ubuntu” is an Ubuntu-based operating system with themes and tools inspired by Microsoft Windows, but without any absurd system requirements. Wubuntu does not require TPM, Secure Boot, POPCNT or any other special hardware resource for its operation.

Our Project

What We Offer

Wubuntu brings together several unique dedicated features not found in any other Linux distribution. With Wubuntu you will surf the internet safely, play or work in a natural and painless way.

With an optimized Wine, Wubuntu can run several applications of the Windows platform without problems.

The Android Subsystem allows you to install games and applications directly from the PlayStore.

Optimized for older hardware devices

Wubuntu does not require any special requirements, just that the device supports 64 bits.

Wubuntu 11 Plasma

Wubuntu Plasma brings with maximum fidelity and all the inspiration of Windows 11 using the KDE desktop. Designed to look and work like Windows 11, this edition features shadows, blur, rounded windows, and a central start menu, giving you a new, modern desktop.

Wubuntu 11 Cinnamon

Windows 10-inspired Wubuntu Cinnamon is designed to revive older devices. With a lightweight, current, and secure Cinnamon desktop, you’ll be able to launch virtually any device that supports 64-bit.

Wubuntu PRO Tools


PowerTools is a set of tools designed to help the user quickly adapt to using Wubuntu by bringing applications developed from scratch to simulate their respective Windows system equivalents

Control Tools

PowerTools brings a complete set of tools that include a complete Windows 11-style control panel, all network control tools and general system tools. With PowerTools you will feel at home managing your entire system and devices.

Android and Windows Subsystem

PowerTools brings a complete Android subsystem with PlayStore and graphics acceleration. The enhanced Wine-managed Windows subsystem also allows you to run a variety of Windows .exe and .msi applications.

OneDrive, Google Drive and etc…

With PowerTools you will also be able to connect to the cloud with most providers on the market. Fully integrated with the file manager, you will be able to work as you are used to with just a few mouse clicks